Water is an Essential Part of Your Preparedness Plan

Faucet filling a glass of water

Water is a required element of your family preparedness plan. There is a lot of information on the net about water filtration, so I won’t repeat all of it here. However, I will touch on some highlights.

Most people agree that you should plan to have one gallon of water per person per day in an emergency situation. Remember, unless your food storage consists solely of store-bought canned goods and home-canned goods, you will need water to prepare your meals. If you have freeze dried food storage, water is the only thing you will need, and you have to have it.

Even if you have your own water well, you should be filtering your water. Municipal water supplies have lots of chemicals in them. Some studies have shown that there are as many as 200 chemicals in municipal water supplies. Fluoride will be found in city water throughout the U.S. You should know that fluoride is horrible for you. Yes, I know that the dentist says it’s great for your teeth, but do some reading and you will find that it is bad for your brain. There have been a lot of studies done on the detrimental effects of fluoride on the human body. There are also books written on the subject. Some manufacturers are even putting fluoride in infant formulas. This is crazy. Filter your water and stop taking this into your body.

Another reason to filter your water is that there are many prescription drugs found in municipal water supplies. You may be on prescription drugs now, so why would you want to also take what everyone else is taking? Drinking prescription-drug-laced municipal water may even be altering the effectiveness of the prescription drugs you are taking. You may be having side effects as a result of this. Now, this is my opinion, and to me, this only makes sense. However, I am not a physician, so my opinion may not be worth much to you. I can simply say that I always drink filtered water.

In addition to fluoride and prescription drugs, there are also pollutants in municipal water. You don’t need to be taking these in either.

If you are looking for portable water filters, the Katadyn Water Filters are excellent. They have a silver-impregnated ceramic filter that kills all living organisms. Great to have in your 72-hour kits or Go packs. I have used these filters and can recommend them.

I’ve been told that Berkey Water Filters are also excellent, but I have never used them. They must be good because so many people recommend them.

The bottom line is that you should store water along with your food. In addition, make sure you have some kind of water filtration. If you do this, you should be fine.

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