How I Stopped Tearing Up My Fingers Getting Into the Food Storage

Long Term Food Storage: Gamma Seal Lids

Everyone who has ever had to open a bucket from their emergency preparedness food storage has torn up their fingers doing so. And everyone has thought there must be a better way. Well, there is.

Long Term Food Storage: Gamma Seal Lids

The Gamma Seal lid is a revolutionary type of bucket lid system that is ideal for hundreds of uses, including long term food storage. These lids work in 3.5 to 7 gallon 12″ diameter buckets. No more nail-breaking, knuckle-scraping, or cursing when you need to open a bucket. They keep your stuff organized and dry with an airtight seal. Also, the lids come in different colors, so it’s easy to color code your food storage.

Long Term Food Storage: Gamma Seal Lids

There is virtually no assembly. Just snap the adapter ring on the open bucket and then twist on the lid! Gamma Seal lids are waterproof and virtually unbreakable! The heavy-duty construction makes the lids reusable again and again. Also, they’re made in the USA, which is nice. If you are like me, you are tired of buying stuff made in other countries.

Long Term Food Storage: Gamma Seal Lids

Another benefit to these lids is that they have built-in stacking ribs for convenient stacking. Buckets are firmly seated in the stacking channel, and can be stacked several high without sliding or teetering (provided you start with a flat surface). This is a great feature for organizing storage space in closets, kitchens, storage rooms, pantries, garages, wherever.

You can put freeze dried meals or any other type of emergency preparedness food in buckets and have easy access to it whenever you want.

Gamma Seal lids deserve a try. You fingers and knuckles will thank you. They make the dreaded chore of opening buckets an effortless activity.

Highly recommended!


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