A Basic By-The-Bed Emergency Kit

Freeze Dried Food Storage: School Backpack

Everyday you see them. Throngs of children going to school with their backpacks on their backs. Seems to me that you can use a school backpack for more than just books. Why not throw a few necessary items in there and put it next to your child’s bed?

  • ID
  • emergency contact information
  • some money
  • shoes
  • socks
  • dust mask
  • whistle
  • three light-sticks
  • flashlight
  • portable radio
  • GPS device
  • two bottles of water
  • small amount of food (maybe a freeze dried meal that could be made with cold water)
  • eyeglasses (if necessary)
  • throw-away cell phone (this is a maybe, service will probably be out in a disaster)

This list is just a guide. Feel free to adjust it any way you choose.

You may be thinking, why not just give each of the kids a 72-hour kit? That’s fine, IF they can carry it. I have some school-backpack-type 72-hour kits and they are heavy. So, a small child may not be able to carry that kind of weight.

The idea is too just have something for each of your children. And yourselves.


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