Defense Department Says All Troops To Be Vaccinated Against H1N1

U.S. Troops To Be Vaccinated Against H1N1

This is not really a surprise, but a Defense Department health affairs official said today that all U.S. military personnel will be vaccinated against the H1N1 virus beginning in October. Family members of military personnel will also be vaccinated if they so choose.

“The H1N1 vaccination program will begin in early October, said Army Lt. Col. (Dr.) Wayne Hachey, director of preventive medicine for Defense Department health affairs.

The vaccine, which has been licensed by the Food and Drug Administration, will be mandatory for uniformed personnel, Hachey said. What we want to do is target those people who are at highest risk for transmission, he said.”

[Editor’s Note: Looks like this is a sign of the times]

Here is the link to the original article:

U.S. Troops to Receive H1N1 Flu Vaccinations


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