Mountain House Freeze Dried Shelf Life and Packaging

Mountain House Freeze Dried Food boasts some of the largest shelf lives in the food storage arena. However, the length of time it stores varies by the package type.

Mountain House Freeze Dried comes in several types of packaging:

  • Regular Pouches
  • Pro Pak Pouches
  • #10 Cans

Mountain House Freeze Dried Pouch

Regular Pouches from Mountain House generally have a 7 year shelf life. However, not all pouched freeze dried food stores for the same amount of time. Freeze dried ice cream and organic fruit products have a shelf life of 2 years. All other Mountain House freeze dried food pouches have a shelf life of 7 years.

Mountain House Freeze Dried Pro Pak

Pro Paks are another type of Mountain House freeze dried food pouch. These pouches also have a 7 year shelf life, but they are a special case. Pro Pak pouches are a special type of foil packaging that comes completely vacuumed sealed for ultra compact storage. In addition, they are made to not expand when hiking or camping in higher elevations. Each pouch takes up less space in your backpack, boat, rv, emergency pack, or car, and they feature a convenient stand up zipper foil pouch for simple and easy rehydration and eating.

Regular pouches and Pro Pak pouches don’t have to be used on a backpacking or camping trip. They also fit well in a family food storage pantry. The benefits for backpackers also apply to food storage enthusiasts. Compact, lightweight freeze dried food storage in a pouch.

Mountain House Freeze Dried Food in No. 10 Can

Mountain House freeze dried food in #10 cans are packed airtight and have a 25 year shelf life. Testing has shown that the shelf life actually exceeds 30 years. The interior and exterior of these cans are coated with protective enamel for double protection. Mountain House’s canning process is equal to military standards, and uses vacuum oxygen removal and nitrogen flushing.

In all cases, you should treat any rehydrated food as you would fresh food.

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  1. says

    Hello, my wife and me are wanting to store some foods and we are asking you if you have sample packs or cans, we are searching for a product that would satisfy the both of us. Please let us know if you can help out in what we are asking before buying this product. Thanks

    Tim Harris

  2. Freeze Dried Food says

    I am an affiliate for Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center, and they have a sample food pak that has various samples of their brand of storable foods. The link is:

    Nitro-Pak Sample Food Pak

    It is very reasonably priced, so you can order that and see if you like the foods.

    I don’t think Nitro-Pak sells a Mountain House Freeze Dried Food sample pak, but you could call and ask them.

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