Store What Your Family Eats

Freeze Dried Food - Wheat Stalks and Bread

Store What Your Family Eats. This basic point about food storage is very simple, yet often overlooked in people’s haste to put a food store together as fast as possible.

If you just store a year’s supply of staples (bulk food items) in six gallon buckets or #10 cans, and then forget about them and think that you are done, you are going to have a rude awakening when the “ship hits the sand”.

First of all, you have to store what your family eats on a regular basis. Often I am asked to look at a friend’s food storage and give them my opinion. Sometimes I see that they have only stored staples like wheat, flour, beans, rice, sugar, salt, honey, non-fat instant milk. Am I supposed to believe that this is all their family eats on a regular basis? No one eats this kind of diet, at least not in the West.

You have to store the kinds of foods that your family eats on a regular basis. In addition, you have to use what you have stored, so you know what to do with it when the “big one” happens. If you just store staples, and never practice cooking with it, you will starve during a prolonged emergency.

In addition to the food you have stored, you have to store everything needed to prepare the stored food. Now, if you have opted for a year’s supply of freeze dried food, you could probably get by with just storing that. But often, the freeze dried year supply consists solely of complete meals, so what will you do at snack time?

Are you going to give Chicken and Rice to your seven year old at snack time? You should plan to store snacks as well.

The main theme in food storage is variety. You have to have variety in order to not become disgruntled and unhappy with your stores. Whatever you have stored, make sure it is well-rounded, and that you have learned how to use it beforehand. This will make the eating portion of life during a disaster a lot more tolerable, and enjoyable.

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