Emergency Preparedness Supplies that Disappear First

Anytime there is a major event, be it a disaster, extreme weather, or a terrorist attack, there are common things that tend to disappear from the store shelves first. This is really a short list of things you should always have on hand.

Here is the list:

  1. Water: bottled water flies off the store shelves. It’s different now. You can go to the grocery store and find shelves filled with shrink-wrapped cases of bottled water. The next time a major event happens in the U.S., watch the news reports. You will always see footage of people buying cases of bottled water.
  2. Food: how many times do we need to stress this point? Without adequate food and water, you are not going to last very long. Yes, people can survive for a few weeks without food, but do you really want to? You need to have all types of long term storage foods on hand.
  3. Batteries: packages of batteries are another hot item with people stocking up before the storm. It seems like you can never have enough of these.
  4. Prescription Medications: The majority of Americans are on at least one form of prescription medication. So, before a disaster, people are driven to have some on hand.
  5. Over-the-Counter Medications: These are popular too. Acetaminophen, Cold and Flu medications, etc. Being ill during a disaster is a disaster in itself. It will be hard to look out for those you love if you are not 100%.
  6. Spices: These may not fly off the shelf, but in my mind it is an important item. Food is going to taste very bland if you have no spices, especially salt. Salt is perhaps the most important spice there is. I prefer to think that salt and pepper are both important. However, salt has always been important throughout history.
  7. First Aid Supplies: A common occurence in every type of disaster is injury. Make sure you always have First Aid supplies on hand.
  8. Water Filtration: Whatever water supply you are on, be it municipal or well water, you need to have two types of of water filtration. An at-home type that sits on the counter or under the sink, and a portable water filtration system you can have on-the-go. Very important.
  9. Flashlights, Candles, Matches: Flashlights are great for short periods of use, but you also need to store candles. Often you can find candles on sale at a department store or an outlet store. Stock up on these, along with plenty of matches. You need to be able to see at night.
  10. Emergency Radio: Battery-powered or wind-up radios may not disappear from the stores fast, but I am adding it to the list to make the point that you need to know what is going on, even when the power is off.

Just know that these items will disappear from the store shelves the quickest. Make sure you have a supply of each of these things on hand at all times. You’re life will be so much easier when whatever happens, happens.

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  1. Bruce says

    Matches! I see them on some lists, but almost as an afterthought. Book matches, wooden matches. how are you going to light the camp stove, the lamp/candles, etc?
    The ‘strike anywhere’ wood matches are the best. by the way, the US seems to be the only place (I’m aware of) in the world that still makes ‘strike anywhere’ matches and they are getting harder to fin in some areas. Sealed in plastic, or sealed in a jar and kept reasonably cool, they will last a long time.

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